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How To Prolong The Life Of The Concrete Mixer

2015-07-14 22:01 From FocusMixPlant.com By FOCUS Tags: JS Concrete Mixer,Planetary Vertical Shaft Mixer

Concrete mixer is mainly used for manufacture of cement and sand mixture evenly, and needs to have greater power of mixing. Thus you will get much friction and adhesion of sand. This depends largely on the maintenance of the mixer.
1. before using the concrete mixer, It is the most important thing to check that all parts are normal if or not.
2. when I work concrete mixer, we should also pay attention to their current situation. For example, the sound of the engine and operating equipment is normal or not. If the sound is abnormal, turn off the power immediately, repair and maintenance.
3 after using concrete mixer, need to clean every corner of the mixer. Meanwhile, checks in sand fall into gears and motor. Add lubricating oil in mixer and caused reduced damage of friction in the mixer.
Only regular manual maintenance for concrete mixers, thus prolonging the service life of concrete mixer and guarantee the quality of the most reliable ready-mix concrete.
Common types of concrete mixer: JS concrete mixer, MP planetary mixer, JDC JZC JZM concrete mixers.

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